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Newbie here...

I don't know if there is anyone here anymore, but I just joined so... *waves shyly*. Anyway, I got onto the Port Charles bandwagon kind of late. In fact, I didn't even start getting interested in PC till about 2 months ago. lol I was a fan of Kelly Monaco from GH and when I was looking up facts about her I found PC. I have downloaded clips (sadly I do not have SOAPNET) and read up on recaps to get filled in on all the Arcs. Port Charles was such a great soap! The super natural element really made it stand out (I don't really like Passions for some reasons I won't get into here) and I am so upset it ended. Did anyone else just love Caleb/Livvie? They were such a, shall we say...unique couple. They were definetly in their own category when it comes to super couples and I am so angry about how the network ended the show. It was way too open ended. I know I sound like a broken record when I write this, but I really hope that they do some sort of a reunion movie so viewers could have some closure and maybe a happy ending for Caleb and Olivia. *g* Well that was my little rant. If only ABC would have given PC more of a chance to succeed in the markets...:(
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